In addition to all the services offered to home users I can also provide the following services to small businesses. While smaller jobs would still be charged at £50/hour, some of the services below would be at negotiated rates.





Support contractsI provide support for Windows Server 2003
It is always important that once IT systems are under control and functioning correctly they stay that way. The easiest way to ensure this is to set-up a support contract which would give priority to your needs and guaranteed response times. Together with regular support visits, this ensures that your IT systems provide performance and dependability for your business.

Remote access
Setting up remote access can allow me to perform maintenance and resolve issues without actually being onsite at your premises. This does have the advantage of lowered support costs and speedier problem resolution. But it is essential for anyone providing this type of support to know at first hand the customer set-up and staff and vice versa of course.

IT Infrastructure Review
A quick examination of your IT equipment and usage with the aim of highlighting any obvious issues concerning performance, security and availability.

IT Infrastructure Audit
A much more in-depth examination of your company’s IT infrastructure, covering items such as servers, PCs, networking equipment and software. For smaller companies this would typically involve one or two days onsite activity, with a similar amount of time preparing a detailed report which would summarise the findings and prioritise any necessary actions. The aim is to ensure that your infrastructure adequately supports your business and that it is reaching its full potential.

Custom business applications
I can develop applications tailored specifically to your requirements that will, for example, help you to manage your customer data, invoicing, documentation, in fact almost anything. Nothing too fancy, just guaranteed to work reliably and to improve your efficiency. Call me to arrange a demonstration of some typical applications.

LinuxLinux, coming to a business near you very soon.
Now available in a multitude of versions, Linux was originally created as a freely available, open version of UNIX that could run on PCs. The operating system software and applications are free and constantly being updated but it should be remembered that you’ll still have to pay for the support costs, unless you want to become an expert yourself. In association with other open-source software such as OpenOffice and Apache, Linux is now a viable option for both PCs and servers in place of Windows and other operating systems.

Mobile devicesI really need to update this picture!
Are you making the most of your mobile phones and PDAs? Does your PDA work properly? Are you thinking of replacing it with a smartphone or Blackberry? I can show you quickly and easily how to set-up these products or recommend which ones are best suited to your needs.

Staff training
PC competence testing and training. Do your staff know how to use a PC properly and efficiently? More importantly do you? This can be fun and very educational and I can make sure the boss knows the answers in advance, for a small additional fee. I can also provide more regular Microsoft Office training tailored to your requirements.





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